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Load WSIs from Any Source with Ease

Our desktop software lets you seamlessly load whole slide images (WSIs) in various formats straight from your disk. Plus, we're continuously working on integrating our viewer with the most popular PACs systems on the market, as well as cloud data management systems for even more accessibility.

Access Our Library of Pre-Trained Models

We have gathered 10 different open-source models designed to tackle common computational pathology challenges like segmentation, slide classification, and tile classification across multiple organs. These models are readily available for download, and we're always expanding our collection. Keep an eye out for our upcoming fibrosis quantification model! Read our blog post to learn more.

Run Any Model on Your Slides with Our User-Friendly API

Our powerful API lets you easily apply any AI model to your WSIs, without requiring a dedicated GPU. You can even add your own models through our intuitive user interface. Plus, our software offers detailed quantifiable measures of your models' inference, giving you unprecedented insights into your slides.

Pipeline inference_edited.jpg
Build Your Own Custom Model with Our Interactive Studio

Our interactive training and evaluation studio provides everything you need to evaluate, train, and fine-tune custom models based on your data. All training is done locally, so your data never leaves your lab. Plus, we support federated learning, allowing others to improve on your creations without sacrificing data privacy.

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